Transcendent Brands is the parent Company and support hub for the Reign Car Wash and 7 Brew Drive-Thru Coffee businesses. This team’s priority is to provide awesome service to our field operations teams so that we can deliver an amazing experience for our guests.


Reign Car Wash delivers the fastest and cleanest car washing experience through a focus on convenient locations, carefully selected and trained team members, and the very best and most technologically advanced car wash facilities in the industry. Reign Car Washes feature rubberized conveyor systems for easy, stress-free vehicle loading, available pay-by-license plate technology for a seamless guest experience, and always-free vacuums for use by the motoring public.

Seven Brew Coffee

A revolution that treats people like people – that makes them feel warmed, loved, and important, all before they take a sip of the best drink in town.

And it’s not just kindness and coffee that we sell at 7 Brew. We are cranking out delicious infused energy drinks, Italian sodas, smoothies, teas, and more!